Abandoned real estate

Have you ever imagined that you might be entitled to inherit property in the Czech Republic? It can happen if your ancestors, who emigtaed from this country, did not sell their property or inherited a share from their parents or other relatives. In such a case, their name is still listed in the Land register. In the Czech Republic, there exist 92,000 real estate parcels with an unknown owner: specifically 88,000 fields & forest plots and 3,800 buildings. Since the name & surname of the last known owner is often the only infomation recorded in the land registry (sometimes even this is not known), they have no clue how to locate these owners or their descendants. 

Real estate with missing owners is often a problem. The state often searches for owners to offer money to buy these plots for road construction, or a utility company needs approval to install power lines or dig a trench for gas or water lines. Therefore, by the new cadastral law ratified in 2014, the Czech government set a deadline to solve the ownership of these plots. If the missing owners do not apply at the cadastral office by 31 December 2023, these plots will automatically become state property. 

The list of all real estate with unknown owners can be viewed on the webpage of the Czech State Deputy Office, which has been instructed to assist in the process: http://www.uzsvm.cz/ceska-republika-2192-0-85/ . Following is a description of the columns in the table Česká republika.xlsx:

A - Region
B - District
C - Place
D - Cadastral area
G - Owner
H - Owner's address (adresa neznámá = address unknown, Spojené státy = United States)
L - Legal relationship (Vlastnické právo = property right)
M - Area in square meters
N - Type (orná půda = arable land, lesní pozemek = forest, trvalý travní porost = grass field, neplodná půda = barren land, vodní plocha = water area, zastavěná plocha a nádvoří = built-up area and courtyard, vinice = vineyard, ostatní komunikace = road, jiná plocha/ostatní plocha = other area, koryto vodního toku přirozené nebo upravené = river)
O - Usage
P - Plot number in the land register
Q - Number of the proprietary certificate

It is good to narrow down the search by using the filters. You can use our database to identify the relation of your ancestral town to the current district.

If you find a real estate parcel with the owner having the surname of your ancestor and the place matches with the village or town where he or she came from, it is quite possible that you are an heir. To apply for this property, the following steps must be undertaken:

  • Prove the relationship (personal documents declaring your relationship with the person mentioned in the list e.g. bith and marriage certificates of you and your parents and documents declaring that your ancestor was the proprietor of the real estate e.g. contract of purchase)
  • Initiate a probate proceeding at a local notary office, if the owner mentined on the list is no longer living
  • Apply as the new owner at the notary office

We can arrange all these steps and assist you during the whole process. On top of that, we can arrange a certified appraisal of the property value to make sure that the cost involved in the process will be worthwhile.