Database of Czech immigrants in USA

This database contains the names of 11,200 Czech immigrants to the United States. We transcribed the information for 5600 of these Czech immigrants from the Hospodar newspaper of the early 1890s, which documented Czechs primarily living in Nebraska and parts of Kansas and a few immigrants to Canada. These adventurous souls came from all corners of the Czech lands: Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia. A few people with Slovak ancestry are also recorded. Only landowners and business people are listed; it does not include the names of all family members. Importantly though, the database does list the town of birth for most of these individuals, which is essential information if you’re just beginning your genealogy research and you hope to find your ancestors’ records in the archives of the Czech Republic.

The mass overseas emigration of Czechs, primarily to the USA, began in the second half of the 19th century. The first wave of Czech emigrants included “The 48-ers” who were fleeing persecution after the failed revolutions of 1848 in Europe. A second, larger wave began after the Austrian government passed a law in 1867 allowing legal emigration out of the empire. The Homestead Act of 1862 in the United States, offering free land to settlers, coupled with the end of the U.S. Civil War, helped spark the age of mass migration. During the initial phase, most emigrants were peasants who had no prospects of acquiring land in their ancestral homeland and who generally aspired to earn a living by farming in their new home. Later emigrants were increasingly urban craftsmen and laborers hoping for better compensation in the burgeoning economy of the United States.

Even though the Hospodar newspaper mainly lists Czech immigrants living in Nebraska and parts of Kansas in the early 1890s, many of these families, or their children, eventually moved to nearby states (e.g. South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma).

In February 2017 we added over 3300 names compiled from Moravian Heritage Society ("MHS") and 200 individuals listed in the webpage dedicated to the nineteenth-century German-Bohemian villagers who emigrated from Markt Eisenstein, now Železná Ruda ("Markt Eis") to northern Wisconsin. 

In February 2018, we added an additional 2100 names which were compiled from Rose Rosicky's book, "A History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska". Please note that the 'Arrived' date in the Rosicky entries refers to the year an individual arrived in that particular Nebraska county, not necessarily when they arrived in America.

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The immigrant databases include records for individuals with the following surnames:

Abraham, Adam, Adamec, Adamek, Ais, Aksamit, Albert, Altman, Ambrosek, Ambroz, Ambrozek, Andel, Andelka, Andelt, Andrle, Anton, Antos, Apfelbek, Aron, Austela,

Babka, Backora, Badalyk, Badousek, Bachta, Balaban, Baloun, Baltizar, Bame, Barcal, Barnet, Baroch, Baros, Barta, Bartak, Bartejs, Bartek, Bartle, Barton, Bartos, Bartosovsky, Bartu, Bartunek, Basta, Bastar, Bastl, Bata, Bauer, Baxa, Bayer, Bazant, Bazil, Beck, Becvar, Bedlan, Bedlivy, Bednar, Bech, Bel, Belik, Belina, Belka, Belousek, Belsky, Benak, Benda, Beneda, Benes, Benisek, Beran, Beranek, Bercha, Bernasek, Beruska, Bezdek, Beznoska, Bezpalec, Bezperad, Bicak, Bicek, Bilan, Bilek, Bily, Binko, Bitner, Bittner, Bizek, Blaha, Blatny, Blazek, Blecha, Blechova, Bobek, Bobisud, Bocek, Bohac, Bohacek, Bohata, Bohaty, Bohnicek, Bohuslavsky, Bones, Bonsek, Bor, Borecky, Borek, Borik, Borovicka, Boruvka, Bos, Bosak, Boska, Bostik, Bouca, Bouda, Bouchal, Bouse, Bouska, Brabec, Bradac, Brachl, Brachne, Branzovsky, Bratrsovsky, Braun, Braunova, Brazda, Brdi Brejcha, Bren, Brezina, Brhel, Brichacek, Brodecky, Brokes, Broz, Brozovsky, Brt, Brtek, Bruha, Brucha, Bruj, Bruna, Bruner, Bruza, Brydl, Brych, Brym, Brzobohaty, Brzonova, Bubak, Bucel, Budin, Buchacek, Buchta, Buchwald, Bukacek, Bulin, Bulyn, Bumba, Bunda, Burda, Bures, Burgon, Burian, Burianek, Burle, Bursik, Busek, Buzek,

Caba, Cabal, Cabela, Cacak, Cacek, Cacka, Cada, Cadek, Caha, Cahova, Calek, Cap, Capek, Capoun, Carda, Caslavsky, Castek, Castka, Castoral, Cauza, Cecrle, Cech, Cecha, Ceip, Cejda, Cejka, Celout, Ceplecha, Cermak, Cernik, Cernin, Cernohlavek, Cerny, Cerv, Cervenka, Cerveny, Cesak, Cibalka, Cibula, Cibulka, Ciha, Cihacek, Cihak, Cihal, Cilek, Cimfl, Cinek, Cink, Ciper, Cirasek, Cis, Cisar, Civis, Cizek, Cizovsky, Cobisud, Codr, Cof, Coufal, Coufalova, Crha, Cuda, Cudly, Cuhel, Curda, Cvancara, Cydlik,

Daic, Danek, Danemark, Daniel, Daricek, Datel, Dedic, Denk, Dezort, Divis, Divoky, Dlouhy, Dobes, Dobias, Dobrichovsky, Dobrovolny, Dobrovsky, Dobry, Docekal, Dohnal, Dohnalek, Dokulil, Dolak, Dolana, Dolansky, Dolejsi, Dolezal, Dolista, Domabyl, Donat, Donato, Doska, Dostal, Douner, Doupnik, Dozbaba, Drahota, Drapela, Drasky, Drasner, Drazdansky, Drda, Drdla, Dremza, Drevo, Drimel, Drobny, Drudik, Dryak, Duba, Duda, Dudai, Dudek, Dudycha, Dufek, Duffek, Duhon, Duchacek, Duchek, Dunder, Duras, Dus, Dusanek, Dusatko, Dusek, Dusil, Dvoracek, Dvorak, Dvorek, Dynk,

Eberle, Eger, Ekstein, Elbling, Elein, Elis, Emberger, Engerle, Erazim, Eret, Esterajch, Evert,

Fafejta, Fafek, Faiman, Faix, Fajman, Fajtinger, Faltis, Fanta, Fasbender, Fatina, Feidler, Fencel, Fencl, Fendrich, Fiala, Ficenec, Fidler, Fidrmuc, Fichota, Filinger, Filip, Filipi, Filipy, Fink, Finkral, Fiouf, First, Fiser, Fisera, Fisher, Fitl, Fittl, Fitztum, Fixa, Fjury, Flaska, Flidr, Fojan, Fojt, Folda, Foltin, Forejt, Formanek, Fort, Frana, Francl, Franek, Frank, Franta, Frdlik, Fribauer, Fric, Fricek, Fridrich, Frimel, Friouf, Fritc, Fritz, Frohner, Frolik, Frost, Frutna, Fujan, Fuxa,

Gabriel, Galinek, Gerner, Girmus, Glazer, Gottstein, Grosman, Gross, Groulik, Gruber, Gruntorad,

Haas, Haba, Habacek, Habart, Habrman, Hacl, Had, Hadacek, Hajek, Hajny, Hakl, Halada, Halamek, Haluza, Halva, Hambek, Hamer, Hamers, Hamota, Hamous, Hampl, Hamrdla, Hamrdle, Hamrik, Hamrnik, Hamsa, Hana, Hanacek, Handlir, Hanel, Hansky, Hanus, Hanys, Hanzalek, Hanzl, Hanzlicek, Hanzlik, Hartel, Hartl, Harvanek, Hasak, Hasek, Hasik, Hastera, Hauzner, Havel, Havelka, Havlicek, Havlik, Havlin, Havlovic, Havluj, Havranek, Havrda, Hegr, Heider, Heinerich, Hejbal, Hejlik, Hejna, Hejny, Hejsek, Hejtman, Hejtmanek, Helbrich, Helebrant, Helman, Helzer, Henryova, Henzl, Hercl, Hercog, Herda, Herian, Hering, Herman, Herout, Hervert, Hervet, Hess, Heuzova, Hez, Hilser, Hirman, Hirmer, Hirmon, Hladik, Hladky, Hlava, Hlavac, Hlavacek, Hlavaty, Hledik, Hlidek, Hlina, Hlousek, Hlouzka, Hnizda, Hnulik, Hobl, Hobza, Hodinar, Hodyc, Hodys, Hofbauer, Hofman, Hokuf, Holan, Holcapek, Holecek, Holesovska, Holman, Holopirek, Holoubek, Holoun, Holpuch, Holtman, Holub, Holubar, Homolka, Honek, Honicka, Honomichl, Honzik, Horacek, Horak, Horakova, Horalek, Horejs, Horejsi, Horinek, Horky, Horlivy, Hornicek, Hornik, Horsky, Hortensky, Hosek, Hoskovec, Hosman, Hospodsky, Hostek, Hostinsky, Hotekz, Hotovec, Hotovy, Hotsinger, Houdek, Houfek, Houser, Houska, Housner, Houzvicka, Houzvickova, Hovorka, Hraban, Hrabanek, Hradsky, Hranac, Hrasky, Hrbacek, Hrbek, Hrcik, Hrdlicka, Hrdy, Hrncal, Hroch, Hromadka, Hromas, Hron, Hronik, Hrouda, Hrubecky, Hruby, Hruska, Hruza, Hubacek, Hubatka, Hubka, Hubl, Hudek, Hula, Hulec, Hulinsky, Hulka, Humlicek, Humpal, Huncovsky, Hurita, Hurt, Huryta, Husa, Husak, Hutecka, Hvezda, Hvizdalek, Hybl, Hybsa, Hynek, Hynes, Hynous,

Chab, Chadima, Chaloupka, Chalupa, Chalupnik, Chalupsky, Charvat, Chladek, Chleborad, Chleboun, Chlouba, Chloupek, Chlumecky, Chlup, Chmatal, Chmelir, Chmelka, Chocholousek, Choutek, Chramosta, Chrastil, Chromy, Chruma, Chrza, Chvala, Chvatal, Chvatel, Chyba, Chytka,


Jacobs, Jakl, Jakoubek, Jakub, Jakubovsky, Jambor, Jamborova, Janacek, Janak, Janasek, Jancik, Janda, Jandera, Janecek, Janky, Janouch, Janous, Janousek, Janovsky, Jansa, Jansky, Jares, Jaros, Jaroska, Jasa, Javorsky, Jedlicka, Jehlik, Jech, Jechout, Jelen, Jelinek, Jelinkova, Jenik, Jenikova, Jenista, Jensik, Jerabek, Jez, Jezek, Jila, Jilek, Jindra, Jindrich, Jiracek, Jirak, Jirek, Jiricek, Jirik, Jirotka, Jirous, Jirovec, Jirovsky, Jirsa, JisaJiskra, Jobanek, Johanes, Jon, Jonas, Josifek, Joura, Jubl, Juna, Junek, Jung, Jungman, Juracek, Juranek, Jusa, Justa, Juva,

Kabat, Kabes, Kabourek, Kacel, Kacirek, Kadavy, Kaderabek, Kadis, Kadlec, Kadlecek, Kadlik, Kaiser, Kalal, Kalas, Kalbrda, Kalcik, Kalina, Kalous, Kamarad, Kamen, Kandysek, Kantor, Kaplan, Kapoun, Kapr, Kapsa, Karas, Karel, Kares, Karman, Karmazin, Karnik, Karpisek, Kasa, Kasal, Kase, Kasel, Kasik, Kasl, Kaspar, Kasparek, Kastanek, Kastl, Kastner, Kauer, Kavalec, Kavan, Kavka, Kavra, Kazda, Kebrle, Kejch, Keller, Keprta, Kerous, Kesl, Khora, Kilian, Killian, Kindhard, Kirchman, Kirchner, Kitzberger, Klabenes, Klabzuba, Klad, Klam, Klanecky, Klapal, Klapka, Klasek, Klecan, Klein, Klement, Klepetko, Klima, Kliment, Klimes, Klimt, Klinkacek, Klodovsky, Klos, Klotz, Klouda, Kluna, Kment, Knajdl, Knap, Knejdl, Knezovic, Kobes, Kobza, Koca, Kocanda, Kocarnik, Koci, Kocian, Kocin, Kocina, Kodat, Kodek, Kodes, Kodytek, Kohel, Kohn, Kohout, Kokes, Kokrda, Kolac, Kolacny, Kolar, Kolarik, Koldsky, Kolena, Koliha, Kolin, Kolman, Kolouch, Kolousek, Komarek, Komenda, Kominek, Komrs, Komzak, Konecky, Konicek, Konop, Konopik, Konvalin, Kopac, Kopecek, Kopecky, Kopejtko, Kopitz, Kopp, Kopriva, Kopta, Koptova, Korab, Koral, Korbel, Korbelik, Korejzl, Korensky, Kores, Korinek, Korna, Koryta, Kosarek, Kosek, Koskan, Kosmacek, Kosmata, Kosmatova, Kosta, Kostal, Kostecka, Kostlan, Kotas, Kotek, Kotik, Kotinek, Kotmel, Kotouc, Kotrc, Kotrous, Kotyza, Kouba, Koudele, Koudelka, Koukal, Kouma, Kounovsky, Koupal, Koura, Koutek, Koutensky, Koutnik, Koutny, Koutsky, Kouty, Kovanda, Kovar, Kovarik, Kovarnik, Koza, Kozak, Kozakova, Kozel, Kozeluh, Kozisek, Kozler, Kozliz, Kozova, Kracman, Krahulik, Krajicek, Krajnik, Kral, Kralik, Kramar, Kramer, Kraml, Kramlacek, Kranil, Kratky, Kratochvil, Kraus, Kravka, Krbel, Krcma, Krcmar, Krcmova, Krecek, Krejci, Krejcik, Krejdl, Krenek, Krenk, Krepel, Kresl, Krch, Krchna, Krchov, Kriha, Krikac, Krikava, Kriklan, Kripner, Krisl, Krivanek, Krivohlavek, Kriz, Krizan, Krizek, Krmela, Krofta, Krolik, Krop, Krotz, Kroulik, Kroupa, Krovinek, Krs, Krska, Krten, Krula, Kruml, Krumpos, Krupacka, Krupicka, Krupka, Kruta, Ksirek, Kuba, Kubalek, Kubanek, Kubart, Kubat, Kubes, Kubicek, Kubik, Kubika, Kubin, Kubista, Kubizek, Kubovec, Kubrt, Kuby, Kubysta, Kuca, Kucera, Kudera, Kudlacek, Kudrna, Kugl, Kuchar, Kukal, Kukral, Kulhanek, Kulhavy, Kulyk, Kumbova, Kunasek, Kunc, Kuncel, Kuncl, Kunda, Kunes, Kunhardt, Kunhart, Kupka, Kuranda, Kus, Kusy, Kuticka, Kutis, Kuzel, Kuzelka, Kuzka, Kvacek, Kvasnicka, Kvech, Kylian, Kyn, Kysela,

Lab, Label, Lacina, Lagman, Lahoda, Lahodny, Lachman, Lajba, Lajtner, Lalak, Lamberger, Lamplot, Lana, Lang, Langman, Lanik, Lapacek, Lapis, Laska, Last Name, Lavicky, Lebeda, Ledl, Ledvina, Leflerova, Lenger, Lenz, Lepour, Lepsa, Lesovsky, Lestina, Letak, Levenburg, Levenburk, Levy, Lhotka, Librsal, Liger, Linek, Linhart, Lipa, Lisec, Liska, Liskovec, Lisy, Lodl, Lohovec, Lorenz, Loskot, Lotka, Loukota, Louna, Loup, Louzek, Ludvik, Lukas, Lukes, Lukl, Luksik, Lundak, Luxa, Luzum, Lybrman, Lyska,

Maca, Macek, Macku, Macura, Mager, Mahlik, Mach, Machacek, Machart, Machova, Machovec, Machulan, Maisner, Majer, Majtner, Majxner, Makalous, Makeudorf, Makovsky, Malacek, Malat, Malavec, Maleha, Malek, Malena, Malik, Malina, Maloch, Malousek, Maly, Manasek, Mara, Marcan, Marcel, Marcelino, Marecek, Marek, Mares, Marik, Markytan, Marsal, Marsalek, Marsicek, Martinek, Marusak, Marusek, Maryska, Masat, Masek, Masin, Masinda, Masl, Mastalir, Mastalka, Mastera, Mastny, Mastrlik, Matal, Matejicek, Matejka, Matejovsky, Mathauser, Matlach, Matous, Matousek, Matulka, Mayer, Mazanek, Mazel, Mazouch, Mazour, Meduna, Mejstrik, Melc, Melcher, Melichar, Melina, Melkus, Mengler, Mensik, Mentlik, Merc, Merta, Mertl, Meska, Mestl, Mibulka, Micanek, Micek, Mika, Mikes, Mikula, Milacek, Miller, Milota, Minarik, Miskovsky, Mizera, Mlady, Mlynar, Mlynek, Mohrova, Molacek, Molak, Montych, Morava, Moravec, Moravecek, Moravek, Motacek, Motl, Motycka, Motys, Moudry, Moural, Mracek, Mraz, Mrazek, Mrazova, Mrha, Mrkvicka, Mrstny, Mrzena, Mudra, Mundil, Musil, Musilek, Muzik, Mychl, Myka, Mykulas, Mykyska, Mysak, Mysek, Myska, Mysko,

Nabyty, Nadherny, Najbert, Najbrt, Najdela, Najdl, Najman, Naprstek, Navrat, Navrkal, Nedbalek, Nedela, Nedoma, Nedorost, Nedved, Nehriva, Nechvatal, Nejezchleb, Nejgebauer, Nejman, Nekuda, Nemec, Nemecek, Nerud, Nesetril, Nesladek, Nespory, Nesyba, Netahla, Netik, Nikl, Nikodem, Ninger, Noha, Nohava, Nohavec, Noll, Novacek, Novak, Novosad, Novotna, Novotny, Novy, Novzovsky, Nozicka, Nykl, Nykodym,

Oborny, Obrichta, Ocasek, Odvarka, Odvoda, Ohnoutka, Olejnik, Oliva, Oliverius, Ondra, Ondracek, Ondrak, Opat, Opatril, Opocensky, Ostradovsky, Ostry, Osvald, Otava, Otmar, Otoupal, Otoupalik, Otradovsky, Ourada,

Pabian, Pacal, Pacas, Pacula, Padrnos, Pacha, Pachr, Pachta, Pakosta, Palan, Palas, Palecek, Palensky, Palic, Palik, Panacek, Panek, Panuska, Papez, Papik, Papousek, Parez, Parkos, Parolek, Pasek, Paseka, Paslova, Patejdl, Patocka, Patockova, Patocha, Paul, Paulu, Pavek, Pavel, Pavelka, Pavlat, Pavlicek, Pavlik, Pavlis, Pazderka, Pazderna, Pecinovsky, Pecka, Pech, Pecha, Pechanec, Pechota, Pechoucek, Pejsak, Pejsar, Pekar, Pekarek, Pekarkova, Pekny, Pelan, Pelanec, Pelecky, Pelikan, Pelz, Penak, Penaz, Peniklau, Penkava, Penyklav, Pernicek, Peroutka, Pesak, Pesek, Pestal, Peter, Peterka, Petr, Petra, Petracek, Petrasek, Petricek, Petrik, Petrzelka, Picha, Pilat, Pimpera, Pinker, Pinter, Pintner, Pipla, Pisacka, Pisar, Pisl, Pivnicka, Pivonka, Placek, Plachy, Planansky, Plasek, Plevka, Plihal, Plisek, Pliska, Plouzek, Plucar, Pluhacek, Podany, Podhajsky, Podlesak, Podrany, Pohoralek, Pochop, Pojar, Pokorny, Polacek, Polak, Polansky, Poledna, Policky, Polivka, Polka, Polnicky, Pomajzl, Poncar, Pop, Popelar, Popelka, Poradek, Pospichal, Pospisil, Pospisila, Posusta, Posvar, Potmesil, Potucek, Pouler, Poulova, Poupe, Povlac, Prachar, Prachejl, Prachyl, Praj, Prat, Pravecek, Prazak, Preslicka, Prchal, Pribil, Priborsky, Pribyl, Princ, Prochaska, Prochazka, Prokes, Prokop, Prokopec, Proskovec, Protivensky, Prsy, Prucha, Prusa, Prymek, Psikal, Psota, Ptacek, Ptacnik, Ptak, Pterka, Pulec, Puncochar, Puzej, Pysny, Pytlicek,

Rabstejnek, Racek, Rada, Radil, Rajter, Rajthard, Randa, Rasek, Raspir, Rasplicka, Ratkovit, Rayman, Rebicek, Rehak, Rehovsky, Rehurek, Rech, Reiter, Reitera, Rejda, Rejcha, Rejman, Rejsek, Rendla, Renner, Repa, Rerucha, Rezabek, Rezac, Rezak, Rezanina, Reznicek, Reznik, Rezny, Ricar, Rieger, Riha, Rihanek, Rihova, Richter, Richtig, Richtik, Richtr, Ringsmuth, Rivnac, Rizek, Rocejdl, Rocek, Roh, Rohana, Rohel, Rohla, Rolenc, Rolenz, Roman, Root, Rooth, Roubal, Roupec, Rous, Rousal, Rousek, Rouser, Rozhon, Rozmahel, Rozmarin, Rubes, Ruda, Rudolf, Rundus, Ruzanek, Ruzek, Ruzicka, Ryba, Rybacek, Rybin, Rychetsky, Rychling, Rychtarik, Rychtr, Rymes, Rynes, Rysavy,

Sabata, Sabatka, Sadil, Sadilek, Saditek, Safarik, Saferla, Safranek, Safranka, Sagl, Sajner, Sajnost, Sakar, Sala, Salak, Salansky, Salda, Salinger, Saloun, Samek, Samla, Sandera, Sanek, Sara, Sarf, Sasek, Saturie, Savlik, Sazama, Scastka, Sebek, Sebl, Seda, Sedivy, Sedlacek, Sedlak, Sedlicky, Sefcik, Seidel, Seidl, Seitl, Semenec, Semerad, Semilsky, Semin, Senfeld, Serbousek, Sercel, Serpan, Sery, Sestak, Sevcik, Severa, Severin, Shorny, Sibal, Sibl, Sicner, Sidlo, Sigler, Sikmajer, Silhoun, Simacek, Simanek, Simek, Simerda, Simerka, Simerla, Simic, Simice, Simka, Simkovsky, Simon, Simonek, Simonides, Simonydes, Simrle, Simunek, Sindelar, Sindler, Singl, Sipal, Sipek, Sirinek, Siroky, Sistek, Sitak, Sitnek, Skala, Skalak, Skalicky, Skalka, Skarda, Sklenar, Sklenicka, Skliba, Skocdopole, Skocny, Skocpol, Skoda, Skokan, Skolil, Skolout, Skrabal, Skranka, Skrdla, Skrdle, Skubal, Skucius, Skulina, Skupa, Skvor, Sladek, Slajs, Slama, Slamsidlo, Slapak, Slapansky, Slavicek, Slavik, Slechta, Slejter, Slepicka, Slezak, Slivkova, Slk, Slobodny, Slopansky, Sloser, Sloup, Sluka, Smaha, Smatlan, Smaus, Smejkal, Smejlir, Smely, Smetana, Smid, Smidl, Smisek, Smola, Smolik, Smotak, Smrcek, Smrcka, Smrha, Smrz, Snajdr, Sneberger, Sneider, Snitil, Sobeslavsky, Sobolik, Sobota, Sobotka, Sochor, Sojka, Sokol, Sokolik, Soldat, Solin, Somer, Sonka, Soper, Souba, Soucek, Souhrada, Soukup, Soulek, Sousek, Spevacek, Spevak, Spicka, Spilinek, Spirk, Splichal, Spulak, Srajer, Srajhans, Sramek, Srb, Sreder, Sreter, Srsen, Stach, Stajgr, Stajnocher, Stajnochr, Stambach, Stanek, Stanislav, Stankova, Stara, Stasny, Stastna, Stastny, Stava, Stedry, Stefel, Stefka, Stehlik, Stech, Stecher, Stechr, Steidl, Steinberger, Steiner, Stejskal, Stengl, Stepan, Stepanek, Stephen, Sterba, Stetina, Stibal, Sticka, Stika, Stipek, Stodola, Stochl, Stoklasa, Stolfa, Storek, Storkan, Stos, Stoupa, Stoural, Straka, Stransky, Strasek, Strejc, Stritecky, Strnad, Strobl, Strof, Strudl, Studeny, Studihrad, Studlar, Studler, Studnicka, Stuchlik, Subera, Suberova, Subrt, Suda, Sudik, Sucha, Suchanek, Suchomel, Suchy, Sukovaty, Sulc, Sulda, Suler, Suntych, Susanka, Sustak, Sutera, Svajger, Svanda, Svandova, Svara, Svartz, Svatera, Svatos, Svec, Svehla, Svitak, Svoboda, Svoman, Sykora, Sykyta, Symandl, Symice, Syn, Synkula, Synovec, Syr, Syrovy, Sysel, Tabor,

Taburek, Tacha, Tachovsky, Tajchman, Tazler, Tejcka, Tejkl, Tejral, Telecky, Tenka, Tenopir, Teply, Tesina, Texl, Tezar, Thaler, Tiburec, Tichacek, Tichy, Tikalsky, Timych, Tisovsky, Tlustos, Tobyska, Toman, Tomandl, Tomanek, Tomasek, Tomcak, Tomek, Tomes, Tomiska, Tomka, Tomsa, Tomsicek, Tomsik, Topil, Topina, Topinka, Totusek, Tous, Trachta, Trambova, Trambu, Tranda, Trasilink, Travnicek, Trcka, Treblik, Trecek, Trefulka, Trejner, Trepka, Tresnak, Trilety, Triska, Trnik, Trnka, Trojan, Trojanek, Trousil, Trubl, Truhlar, Truka, Trunec, Truska, Trutna, Tucek, Tuch, Tuma, Tupa, Tupka, Tupy, Turecek, Turek, Turinsky, Tusa, Tuzicka, Tvaruzek, Tvrdik, Tvrdy, Tvrz, Tynsky, Tyser,

Ubelaker, Udlinek, Uher, Uhlik, Uhlir, Ulrich, Ulrych, Unger, Ura, Urban, Urbanek, Urbanovsky, Ures, Uridil, Ustohal,

Vacek, Vacik, Vacin, Vacinek, Vacura, Vagner, Vach, Vacha, Vachal, Vais, Vajner, Vakoc, Vala, Valasek, Valdman, Valek, Valenta, Vales, Valla, Valouch, Valova, Valpinger, Valta, Valter, Vancura, Vandas, Vanek, Vanicek, Vanous, Vap, Varta, Vasa, Vasatko, Vasek, Vasicek, Vasina, Vasko, Vavak, Vaverka, Vaverly, Vavra, Vavricek, Vavricka, Vavrik, Vavrin, Vavrina, Vculek, Vecera, Veleba, Velek, Veln, Vencl, Venclicek, Venhauer, Ventura, Verner, Vesecky, Vesely, Veskrna, Vetrovec, Veverka, Vidlak, Vidlicky, Vich, Viktorin, Vilda, Vilicky, Vincik, Vinduska, Vinicky, Vinkler, Virgl, Virka, Virt, Vit, Vitamvas, Vitek, Vitera, Vitous, Vitovec, Vlacek, Vlach, Vlasak, Vlasek, Vlasim, Vlastnik, Vlazny, Vlcan, Vlcek, Vlk, Vlna, Vnoucek, Voboril, Vobrova, Vocasek, Vocu, Vodak, Vodehnal, Vodicka, Vodrazka, Vodvarka, Vogeltanz, Vohl, Vohlmut, Vohnout, Vojacek, Vojta, Vojtech, Vojtisek, Vokal, Vokas, Vokner, Vokoun, Volak, Volesensky, Volf, Volyn, Vomacka, Vomocil, Vonasek, Vonavka, Vondra, Vondrejs, Vopalensky, Vopalka, Vopat, Vopata, Voracek, Vorel, Vorisek, Vorlik, Vosika, Vosmera, Vosoba, Vosta, Vostrez, Vosyka, Vosypka, Votava, Votipka, Vozab, Vrana, Vranek, Vranovsky, Vrany, Vratil, Vrba, Vrbas, Vrbka, Vrbsky, Vrchota, Vrtiska, Vrzak, Vrzal, Vrzalik, Vsetecka, Vurst, Vybiral, Vyborny, Vycina, Vydlak, Vyhlidal, Vyhnalek, Vyrazka, Vyruth, Vyskocil, Vytera,

Waldman, Wisner, Witt, Woboril, Wolf,

Zabka, Zabloudil, Zacek, Zadina, Zadny, Zahora, Zahourek, Zahradnicek, Zahradnik, Zach, Zajic, Zajicek, Zakovec, Zalesky, Zalobkratky, Zarybnicky, Zastera, Zavodny, Zavodsky, Zavrel, Zdenek, Zednik, Zelenka, Zeleny, Zeman, Zenisek, Zigler, Zika, Zikmund, Zila, Zima, Zimola, Zirhut, Zitek, Zitny, Zizka, Zlatkovsky, Zmrhal, Znamenacek, Znojemsky, Zolda, Zoubek, Zrust, Zrzan, Zulek, Zumpfe, Zurek, Zvacek, Zvolanek, Zvonicek

The immigrant database includes following towns of birth:

Adamov, Albertice, Albrechtice, Archlebov,

Babenice, Babice, Babina, Bacice, Backovice, Bahno, Barace, Barchovice, Batelov, Batin, Batin Smrdov, Batinov, Bdin, Bdyn, Becice, Becno, Bedlovice, Bechyne, Bela, Bela Telc, Benatky, Beroun, Besice, Bestvina, Betov, Betoves, Bezdekov, Bezetice, Bilov, Bily Kun, Biskupice, Blany, Blatnice, Blazkov, Bobata, Bobnice, Bobnov, Bobob, Bobrova, Bobrovka, Bohostice, Bohousova, Bohunovice, Bohuslavice, Bohutin, Bojanovice, Bolehost, Bor, Borek, Borotin, Borova, Borovany, Borovnik, Borovsko, Boskov, Boskuv Tyn, Bovsoune, Bozerovice, Bozetice, Bozkov, Brabice, Bracice, Brambor, Brancov, Brandyn, Branna, Bransov, Brantisek, Branzov, Bratrikov, Breskovice, Brezany, Brezi, Breziny, Breznice, Breznik, Brezove Hory, Brezy, Briza, Brnasov, Brnikov, Brny, Brozany, Brusice, Buboc, Buce, Bucek, Bucice, Budetice, Budikov, Budikovice, Budiskovice, Budislav, Budisov, Budisovice, Budkov, Budovec, Budy, Buchvald, Bujanov, Bujanovice, Bujarovice, Bujerovice, Bujesil, Bukova, Bukovina, Bunov, Bustehrad, Bustelir, Bykanec, Bylany, Bysovec, Bystrice, Bytovanky, Byzradu,

C. Hura, C. Ujezd, Cachnov, Caslav, Caslavec, Caslavice, Castolovice, Cechnov, Cejtice, Cekov, Celov, Cepice, Cepkov, Ceradice, Cerekve, Cerekvice, Cerhovice, Cerma, Cermakovice, Cerna Hora, Cernejs, Cernes, Cernice, Cernikov, Cernousek, Cernovice, Cerny, Cerny Ujezdec, Cerv, Cervene, Cervene Pecky, Cervene Zamky, Cerveny Ujezd, Cerveny Ujezdec, Ceska Rybna, Ceska Trebova, Cesky Heralec, Cestin, Cetoraz, Cihalin, Cichov, Cijevice, Cikov, Cimer, Cinovec, Cinoves, Cirkvice, Cista, Civice, Cvrcovec, Cvrcoves,

D. Stupno, Dacice, Dalesice, Dalkavec, Dalkovice, Damirov, Dankovice, Dasny, Deblin, Dedice, Dechtin, Dekov, Ditenice, Divcice, Divisov, Dl. Zbozi, Dlohon, Dlouha, Dlouha Lhota, Dlouha Trebova, Dlouha Ves, Dlouhy, Dlouhy Ves, Dobra Pula, Dobrejs, Dobric, Dobrice, Dobris, Dobriv, Dobronice, Dobrovice, Dobruska, Dojanovice, Dolany, Dolci, Dolni Bela, Dolni Branna, Dolni Hradiste, Dolni Kamenice, Dolni Krupa, Dolni Loucka, Dolni Lukavice, Dolni Stupno, Dolni Ujezd, Dolni Vilemovice, Dolni Vilimovice, Domalov, Domanin, Domazlice, Domoraz, Doubrava, Doubravcany, Doubrave, Doubravice, Doudleby, Dozice, Drahelice, Drahnice, Drahotesice, Drazejov, Drazkov, Drev. Hostine, Drevec, Drhovy, Drnov, Drozdov, Drozdovice, Dubijany, Dubina, Dublin, Duby, Dubyany, Dukovany, Duselov, Duskov, Dvorec, Dvoriste,

Elhovice, Elstyn, Eramnuse, Ertisovice,

Familije, Frantisek, Frauenhof, Frauenthal, Frenstat, Frise, Frydnava, Frysava,

Golcuv Jenikov,

Horni Vilimovice, Habrova, Habry, Hadina, Haje, Hajek, Hamry, Hartikovice, Hartlikov, Harty, Hatin, Havlovice, Helkovice, Heraltice, Hermanec, Hermanice, Hermanuv, Hizkov, Hlejsov, Hlinec, Hlinsko, Hlizov, Hluboka, Hluboky, Hlubsin, Hlubsky, Hlyna, Hnevetice, Hnevkovice, Hobusin, Hodina, Hodosin, Hodslavice, Holcov, Holejsov, Holetice, Holovona, Holovous, Holovousy, Holy, Ujezd, Honi Vilimovice, Hor. Bela, Horatev, Horatov, Horazdovice, Horcice, Horelice, Horka, Horky, Horni Becva, Horni Bela, Horni Bucice, Horni Kamenice, Horni Krupa, Horni Kruta, Horni Loucka, Horni Lukavice, Horni Nemcice, Horni Stupno, Horni Vilimovice, Horny, Horovic area, Horovice, Horsovsky Tyn, Horsuv Tyn, Hosin, Hospoden, Hostacov, Hostalkov, Hostasov, Hostasovice, Hosti, Hostin, Hostivice, Hostomice, Hostoulice, Hostoun, Hotejsov, Hrabesin, Hradec Kralove, Hradecko, Hradesice, Hradiste, Hradsko, Hrdlorazy, Hrdlorez, Hrdlorezy, Hrdoltice, Hrncire, Hrotov, Hrotovice, Hrubecin, Hrusova, Hudlice, Hulice, Humpolec, Hurka, Hury, Hvozd, Hyskov, Hyzkov,

Chaloupky, Chalupy, Chanovice, Chejn, Chejne, Chinava, Chleby, Chlistov, Chlivsko, Chlum, Chlumec, Chlumetin, Chocen, Chocenice, Chodemysl, Chorusice, Chorusin, Chotanky, Chotebor, Chotenice, Chotina, Chotovice, Chranice, Chroustovice, Chrtnice, Chrudim, Chrznovice, Chudenice, Chumetin, Chvacovice, Chvalkovice, Chvalovice, Chvalovicky, Chvastovice, Chynava, Chynice, Chynov, Chynova,

Jakubov, Jamnice, Jamny, Jamolice, Jankov, Janov, Janovec, Janovice, Jaromer, Jaromerice, Jarosov, Jarov, Jarovice, Jasenice, Javornice, Javornik, Javurek, Jecov, Jedla, Jednota, Jednota u Novosed, Jedova, Jehenice, Jehnedi, Jehnedja, Jehnedla, Jelmo, Jemniky, Jence, Jenkovice, Jerin, Jesenovice, Jest, Jest. Lhota, Jestr, Jetrichoves, Jevisovice, Jezov, Jezvina, Jezviny, Jicin area, Jickovice, Jihlava, Jihlavka, Jilemnice, Jilov, Jilovice, Jimonice, Jimramov, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jiretice, Jirice, Jirosice, Jirove, Jivno, Josefov,

Kacerov, Kacov, Kadov, Kadovice, Kahlov, Kalis, Kaliste, Kaly, Kamen, Kamenec, Kamenna, Kamenne, Kamenne Mosty, Kamyk, Kanice, Kank, Kardasova, Kardasova Recice, Kardasove, Kardosova Recice, Karez., Karlik, Karlov, Karolin, Kasejovice, Kasna Hora, Katov, Katovice, Kbel, Kbele, Keblov, Kerstov, Kestrinov, Kladny, Klasterec, Klatovy, Klay, Klekoty, Klenec, Klenova, Klenovice, Klicovice, Klinkovice, Klokoty, Klucov, Kluky, Kneze, Knezice, Kneznice, Knov, Kobyli Hlava, Kociny, Kocourek, Kocov, Kodakovice, Kojanov, Kojecice, Kojetin, Kolec, Kolin, Kolna, Kolodeje, Kolovec, Komarek, Komarov, Komarovice, Komna, Konaje, Konikov, Konopiste, Kopidlo, Kopydlo, Korejtka, Korejtko, Korice, Korn, Korn., Kornout, Kornovice, Korouhev, Koryta, Korytka, Kos. Hora, Kosohledy, Kostejn, Kostelec, Kostelec nad Orlici, Kostelni Lhota, Kostice, Kostniky, Kostomlatky, Kosumberk, Kotabudice, Kotomysle, Koukalka, Kourim, Kouto, Kouty, Kovan, Kozichovice, Kozkov, Kozlany, Kozlov, Kozodery, Kozohlody, Kozojedy, Krakovany, Kral., Kralice, Kralohov, Kralova Lhota, Kralove, Kralove Dvur, Kralovic, Kralovice, Kralovice area, Kraluv, Krasna Hora, Krasny, Krasohov, Krastavice, Krastovice, Kravsko, Krce, Krece, Krecovice, Krecovjce, Krelohov, Kremenice, Krenovic, Krenovice, Krestovice, Krhov, Krchlebska, Krchleby, Kricovice, Kridla, Krinec, Krise, Krivice, Krivoklat, Krizanec, Krizanky, Krizanov, Krosice, Krouna, Krovi, Krovna, Krta, Krtenov, Krtiste, Krtov, Krucemburg, Krucemburk, Kucemberk, Kucer, Kucin, Kuchynka, Kukle, Kuklik, Kuncice, Kunratice, Kunvald, Kunzvald, Kutabudice, Kutna Hora, Kutna Hora area, Kutrim, Kutrin, Kuzli, Kvetov, Kvikovice, Kydliny, Kynice, Kysice,

Ladmerice, Lanov, Lanskroun, Lasenice, Latina, Lazanky, Lazany, Lazdov, Laziste, Lazniky, Lazovice, Leceba, Ledec, Lednice, Lesany, Leskovice, Lestina, Letin, Letiny, Letov, Levin, Lhota, Lhotice, Lhotka, Lhoty, Libejicin, Libenice, Libice, Liblin, Libochovice, Libsice, Liebensdorf, Lipa, Lipkova Voda, Lipnice, Lipnik, Lisnice, Lisno, Lisov, Litavany, Liten, Literadice, Litohlavy, Litol, Litomysl, Litoradice, Litostrov, Litovany, Lobec, Locina, Lodenice, Lohova, Lohovcice, Lohovicky, Lochenice, Lokoty, Lomicka, Lomnice, Lomnicka, Lomy, Losina, Loucim, Loucka, Loukovice, Lounovice, Louzna, Lovnovice, Lubny, Lubsko, Lucice, Ludvikov, Lufkovany, Lukavec, Lukavice, Lukov, Lukovo, Lutova, Lutove, Luzany, Luze, Lysov, Lytovice,

Maly Bor, Male Letice, Mala Lhotka, Male Opolany, Male Outechovicky, Male Pacesnice, Male Parizanky, Male Pasecnice, Male Polinka, Macovice, Magdalena, Mahous, Majdalena, Makov, Mala Lhota, Mala Trebejcina, Male Opolany, Male Pritocno, Malec, Malechov, Malesice, Malkov, Malsice, Maly Lanov, Mantice polni, Markvalec, Markvartice, Marsov, Marsovice, Mastnik, Matejovice, Mazalov, Meceriz, Mecice, Mecin, Mecire, Meckov, Medlice, Medovy Ujezd, Mecholupy, Melenov, Meletice, Mentou, Merklin, Merklovice, Merorze, Mest., Mestecko, Metny, Mezihori, Mezilesi, Mezimosti, Meznik, Michalovice, Mikulovice, Milasen, Milava, Milavec, Milavo, Milcin, Miletice, Miletin, Milevsko, Milicov, Milin, Milotice, Milov, Milova, Milovec, Milovo, Miroslav, Mirosovice, Ml. Douny, Mlada Boleslav, Mlada Vozice, Mladejovice, Mladotice, Mlaka, Mlazice, Mlecice, Mlynec, Mohous, Mokry Dul, Morasice, Moravany, Moravec, Moravske Budejovice, Mrtnik, Mseno, Mutice, Mylet, Mynice, Mysletice, Mysliborice, Myta, Myto,

Nove Benatky, Nove Dvory, Nove Hrady, Nova Sedla, Novy Tychnov, Nabryd, Naloucany, Nalzov, Nam., Naramec, Nasavrky, Nasedlovice, near Chotovize, near Roudnice, near Sobeslav, near Vl. Tyn, Nebestych, Nebilov, Nebreziny, Nebuzel, Nebylov, Nedvedice, Nechvalice, Nejechovice, Nejepin, Nem., Nem. Kynice, Nemcice, Nemcire, Nemecka Briza, Nemecka Rybna, Nemecky, Nemejc, Nepomuk, Neskaradice, Neskaredice, Nesmen, Nester, Nestreb, Nestrebi, Netez, Netjechovice, Netolice, Nevetice, Nevolice, Nezamyslice, Nezdasov, Nezdin, Nezor, Nezor., Niklovice, Ninice, Nizkov, Nohomer, Nohovcice, Nosislava, Nova Kdyne, Nova Ves, Nova Ves Kur., Novakovice, Novy Benatky, Nove Dvory, Nove Hrady, Nove Mesto, Nove Rychnov, Nove Sady, Nove Sedlo, Nove Sidlo, Nove Vilemovice, Novosad, Novosed, Novosedla, Novosedly, Novosedy, Novy Benatky, Novy Dvory, Novy Jimramov, Novy Kdyne, Novy Kicov, Novy Rychnov, Nova Ves, Nucice, Nuzice, Nybov, Nyhov, Nyratky,

Obdenice, Oboc, Obor, Obora, Obratan, Obrazenice, Obusiny, Odranec, Odrepsy, Ohar, Ohraz, Ohrecka Louka, Okor, Okoulice, Okresanec, Okretis, Okrevice, Oldretice, Oldris, Olesinky, Olomouc, Olsany, Ondraze, Ondrejov, Oparany, Opatov, Opatovice, Opocnice, Oponesice, Oporin, Oprasnice, Oprechtice, Orechovy, Orlice, Osek, Osicek, Osik, Osmanice, Ostasovice, Ostejkovice, Ostesen, Ostratin, Ostrov, Ostykovice, Osudov, Otrocin, Ouboc, Oudolnice, Oudraze, Ouhonice, Oujezd, Oujezdec, Oumyslovice, Ounov, Ounovice, Outechovice, Ovcary,

Pabenice, Pacov, Palacov, Palkovice, Palnov, Palovice, Panov, Paseky, Pavlinov, Pavlov, Pecin, Pecinov, Pekel, Peklo, Perovice, Perstenice, Pesice, Petrikov, Petrovice, Pchera, Pisecny, Pisek., Piskova Lhota, Pistina, Plan, Plane, Planice, Plasy, Plese, Plesice, Pliskov, Plotiste, Plzen, Plzen area, Plzenec, Poborovice, Pocapy, Pocepice, Poceplice, Pocinovice, Pocitka, Pod. Stupno, Podbori, Podevuz, Podhrani, Podmokle, Podmokleny, Podmokly, Podmoky, Podmuky, Podolesnice, Podoli, Podolin, Podoly, Podr, Podrezov, Podveky, Podzamci, Pohledec, Pohor, Pol., Pol. Mantice, Polanka, Poldovka, Policka, Polin, Polina, Polom, Polste, Polstyn, Polykno, Ponebraz, Ponedras, Ponedraz, Ponedrazky, Ponesin, Popovice, Popuvka, Poric, Poricany, Posousov, Postrekov, Pozdatin, Prague area, Prachnana, Prachnany, Prani, Precice, Predbor, Predeslany, Predhor, Predni, Prelouc, Prelozany, Prerov, Presec, Preseka, Presin, Preskov, Preslavlky, Presovice, Prestenice, Prestice, Prevodov, Prchnany, Pribram, Pribraz, Pribyslavice, Pricbach, Prijemek, Prijemka, Prilepov, Prilozany, Priluzany, Primka, Priruky, Prisbach, Prispach, Pritocno, Privor, Privrat, Privraty, Prizkov, Prizovice, Proboulky, Probulov, Prodeslady, Proloubky, Prosec, Protivin, Provodov, Psar, Pukcice, Puksice, Pusta Kamenice, Pusta Rybna, Pysele, Pysely,

Rabi, Racic, Racice, Racinoves, Racovice, Radenice, Radesin, Radimov, Radiste, Radlice, Radnice, Radnoves, Radomysl, Radonice, Radoskov, Radostin, Radotice, Radoves, Rachovice, Rak, Rakousky, Rakovice, Rakovnice, Ranna, Ranske, Rapotice, Rapstyn, Rat. Hory, Ratibor, Ratkovice, Recice, Rencov, Rendechov, Rendschov, Resetice, Resice, Retuch, Revecin, Ricany, Ridky, Richovice, Rimov, Rimovice, Rinalec, Ripov, Risenburk, Risnice, Rizenburk, Rodinov, Rohnov, Rohozec, Rochous, Rojice, Roketnice, Rokydno, Rokytno, Rolste, Ronov, Rosec, Rosice, Rosicka, Rosozka, Roudny, Rouchovany, Rouchovary, Rousinov, Rouzkovice, Rovecin, Roven, Rozen, Rozice, Rozkos, Rozna, Roznatin, Roztoky, Ruda, Rudovo, Rulanka, Rusenov, Rusinov, Ryb. Lhota, Rybinek, Rybnice, Rybnicek, Rychnov,

Sadek, Sadska, Sach, Samatin, Samikovice, Samotin, Samrakov, Samy, Sany, Sazava, Sebcice, Sebesice, Sec, Secice, Sedlec, Sedlice, Sedlovice, Sekar, Selbykam, Selcany, Semechov, Semin, Sendrazice, Senetin, Senkov, Senkovice, Senomaty, Sepat, Sepekov, Serkovice, Sestroun, Seville, Sezomin, Sichlov, Simanov, Simberk, Simburk, Sipy, Siroky Dul, Skalac, Skalice, Skalsko, Skedny, Skelny, Sklenovice, Skleny, Skoupy, Skrancice, Skrej, Skrejchov, Skrejsovice, Skrchleby, Skrovnice, Skubrov, Skuc, Skuhrov, Slanka, Slapy, Slatina, Slavetice, Slavice, Slavicka, Slavicky, Slavikov, Slavikovice, Slavosovice, Slemeno, Sloupnice, Slovan, Smilovice, Smolec, Smolyvec, Smrdov, Smrky, Smrtovice, Smrzovice, Sobedraz, Sobesice, Sobeslav, Sobestenice, Sobin, Socholec, Sokolec, Sokoli, Sopotnice, Sosen, Sostroun, Soutice, Spacice, Spelkov, Spitice, Splavce, Splavsko, Spleteny, Spule, Spulkov, Srbec, Srbice, Srdecnice, Stacov, Stancov, Stankov, Stanoviste, Stara Hut, Stara Prachatice, Starec, Stary Benatky, Stary Hut, Stary Kolin, Stavenka, Stebuzevec, Stebuzeves, Stebuzovec, Stebuzoves, Stehlovice, Stechlovice, Stechov, Stechovice, Stejka, Stepanov, Stepanovice, Stercoves, Stetice, Stichov, Stin, Stipoklas, Stislava, Stopesice, Strachujov, Strakonice, Strampach, Strampouch, Stranka, Strasice, Strasov, Strazek, Stredmer, Stredokluky, Strejckovice, Strejkovice, Strelice, Stremlov, Stritez, Stritice, Strizov, Strmechy, Strmelov, Stropesin, Struhadla, Strze, Studena, Studenec, Studeny, Studnice, Stupakovice, Stuparovice, Stupno, Styka, Styrchlova, Sucha, Sucha Lhotka, Suchdol, Sushova, Susice, Svabinov, Svarov, Svata Katerina, Svatoslav, Svaty Kriz, Svet. Dvur, Svetlov, Svetrov, Svety, Svibov, Svidna, Svihov, Svina, Sviratice, Svratka, Svratouch, Sykorice, Syra, Syrakov, Syrakovice,

Tabor, Tachlavice, Tachlovice, Tajanov, Tanwald, Tasovice, Tatce, Tecice, Techonice, Techoraz, Tejnice, Teleci, Temelin, Teresov, Tesovice, Ticov, Tis, Tisice, Tisova, Tocny, Tomacov, Trapulec, Treb, Trebecice, Trebejsinka, Trebenice, Trebetice, Trebetin, Trebic, Trebon, Trechov, Tremes, Tremchov, Tremosna, Tresenice, Trhove Sviny, Tri Studne, Tribec, Trimany, Trinarov, Trinoves, Trizov, Trizovice, Trnci, Trojany, Trtice, Tuchomerice, Tuchotice, Tunochody, Tupadla, Tupes, Tusovice, Tvrcovac, Tvrzice, Tynisko, Tynoves, Tys, Uhersko, Uhersky, Uhersky, Slovan,

Uhl., Ujezd, Unhost, Usilov, Usti nad Orlici, Uvaly,

V. Hluboky, Velke Lohovice, Velka Retova, Velka Ves, Vaclavov, Vacov, Valasske Mezirici, Valec, Valesgrun, Vamberk, Vanice, Varvazov, Vcelne, Vcelne Dvory, Vejprn, Vejtnov, Vel. Merthal, Vel. Pritocno, Vel. Sedliste, Velebor, Velenov, Velim, Velka, Velka Lhota, Velka Lohovice, Velka Retova, Velka Velesna, Velka Ves, Velka Volesna, Velke Obusiny, Velke Pritocno, Velky Bor, Velky Lomec, Velky Ujezd, Velky Vyr, Veltruby, Veltruhy, Velvary, Velym, Veseli, Veselicko, Vesely, Vesely Zdar, Vesin, Veska, Vespravice, Vespravovice, Vestec, Vetrny Jenikov, Veverska Bytyska, Vezna, Vicenice, Viciny, Vilice, Vilimov, Vilimovice, Villmovice, Vimberk, Viska, Visnovice, Vitanov, Vitejice, Viterov, Vitin, Vizovice, Vlasim, Vlasimka, Vlastec, Vlci, Vlhcice, Vlkanec, Vlkcice, Vltavo, Vobora, Vobory, Vocelice, Vodnany, Vodokrty, Vodolka, Vodranty, Voj. Mestec, Vojtechov, Vojtesice, Vokrisek, Volenice, Volesinky, Volesna, Volesnice, Volin, Volsov, Vomice, Voralna, Vorechov, Vorechovy, Vorlova, Vosecek, Vosek, Voseka, Vosetice, Votesice, Vozdany, Vranin, Vranov, Vranovice, Vranuvek, Vrany, Vratkov, Vrbice, Vrnovice, Vrstkov, Vrte, Vrterise, Vrtesice, Vrutice, Vsehrdy, Vsenice, Vycap, Vycapa, Vydriz, Vydrkum, Vyhlava, Vyhnanice, Vyhnanov, Vyklantice, Vykonin, Vylantice, Vyr., Vyrov, Vyskoupek, Vyskupice, Vyskydna, Vysnove, Vysnovy, Vysoka, Vysoke Sedliste, Vysoky, Vysoky Chlumec, Vyvanov, Vyzka,

Z. Mor, Zabadov, Zabor, Zabrdovice, Zabrezi, Zadverice, Zah. Lhota, Zahaj, Zahaj Lhota, Zahaj. D., Zahaj. Lhota, Zahoci, Zahorany, Zahorci, Zahorcicky, Zahori, Zahradka, Zahuby, Zachlum, Zajecov, Zaka, Zakrany, Zaky, Zal. Lhota, Zalesy, Zaluzi, Zamel, Zaric, Zaricany, Zarici, Zarovna, Zarubice, Zbanov, Zbirov, Zbraslav, Zbraslavice, Zbudovice, Zdanice, Zdar, Zdarec, Zderaz, Zderez, Zdeslav, Zdirec, Zebnice, Zebrakov, Zebrice, Zehuby, Zehutice, Zelenice, Zelenka, Zeletice, Zelezany, Zelezny, Zelichovice, Zemicov, Zerotice, Zerovice, Zestovice, Zhor, Zhorov, Zichovice, Zilina, Zilipa, Zilov, Zimor, Zirovnice, Zivonin, Zlatkov, Zleby, Zrenec, Zrestovice, Zruc, Zuchlin, Zverituce, Zverotice, Zvesto, Zvestovice, Zvikov, Zvol, Zvolec