Genealogy Research

The basic source of information for creating a family tree are the parish registers. But we also use other records described on this website that enable us to verify the dates of birth, marriage, and death and to round out our family history.

If you decide to have this sort of research done, it's best to put together a prioritized list of research goals so the research is focused exactly on what interests you. For example, are you only interested in searching the paternal line back in time? Or do you want to search all lines back in time? Or, are you interested in searching forward to identify living relatives? We can help you put together a research plan.

Usually the name of the individual, approximate date of birth, and the name of the village of residence are enough information to start the search, but any additional information will help ensure a successful search.

Please supply as much of the following additional information as possible:

  • head of household
  • house number or address
  • names of spouse, parents & children
  • date(s) & place(s) of birth
  • date(s) & place(s) of marriage
  • date(s) & place(s) of death

Please give approximate dates if the exact dates are unknown.

We charge this kind of service on an hourly basis. The fee is $50 USD per hour spent on research & office work. You are free to set any financial limit. When this limit is reached we hand over the results and discuss next research steps. Research results include a detailed report about the progress and sources used, an English translation including explanation of special terms used in records, digital copies or links if records are online & a family pedigree in gedcom format in case of multi generation research.