Nuptial protocols

Before a wedding, the betrothed pair and their witnesses were interviewed and, during this talk, a protocol about the examination of sponsors (examinis antematrimonialis sponsorum) was prepared. The examination was designed to record personal data, reveal a potential blood relationship, and prepare the future married couple for raising their children in a Catholic manner. Older records, which used a formula or full interview transcript, were later replaced by preprinted forms where the priest filled in the name, surname, religion, birth date & place, residence, family status, parents, dispensation if any canonical impediment was detected, and name of witnesses.

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 Nuptial protocols 1935   (City archive Brno, German language)

Nuptial protocol from the parish office Brno - Královo Pole with groom Jan Schönweiz, widowed coachman and Hedvika Pausch housewife dated June 22, 1935.

English translation of this record

WHY were they collected?  Examination of the betrothed pair and their witnesses
WHEN were they collected?   18th century to present
WHO collected the records? Parish offices
WHAT information can be found? Name, surname, religion, birth date & place, residence, family status, parents
In which ARCHIVES are they held? District archives, city archives
In which archive FILES can they be found?  Archives of parish offices
LANGUAGE of records Czech, German
AVAILABILITY  Many have been destroyed, surviving lists from pre-1800 are very rare
What must be KNOWN before getting started? Name, town or village, and the parish district
Czech expression

Snubní protokol (plural = Snubní protokoly)