For traveling outside the Austrian monarchy, one needed a valid passport. An applicant for a passport had to have a clean legal record, not have any military obligations, and be free of debt. Local and military authorities had to sign papers attesting that these requirements had been met by the applicant. The request for the passport was then sent to the district office to which the applicant's village of residence belonged. From 1918, a declaration from the tax office confirming that the applicant had fulfilled all liabilities was also required. From the district office the request was forwarded to the higher authority: goverment (Místodržitelství) or later to the police directorate, where the request was either approved or rejected.

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 Passport application 1922   (National archive, Czech language)

This is an example of a passport application placed by Vaclav Šippich in 1922. In addition to the passport application, other necessary documents are attached: 1) approval from the military conscription office 2) confirmation from the tax office that he had no debt 3) declaration of the applicant that he does not dispose any foreign exchange 4) letter from the employee ship Legie, explaining the reason for the travel. The application was approved by the police directorate in Prague and and the passport was issued on 10 July 1922 with an expiration date of 28 February 1923.

English translation of this record

WHY were they collected?  To obtain data for personal identification and verification that there are no obstacles for issuance of a passoprt
WHEN were they collected?   19th and 20th century
WHO collected the records? Police directorates (policejní ředitelství), district offices
WHAT information can be found? Name & surname, occupation, birth place & date, residence, religion, status, names of parents, physical description, and sometimes other detailed information
In which ARCHIVES are they held? District archives, National archive
In which archive FILES can they be found?  District offices, Police directorates
LANGUAGE of records Czech, German
What must be KNOWN before getting started? Name, place of residence, and the administration unit to which the place belonged
Czech expression

Cestovní pas (plural = cestovní pasy)