Casualties of wars

There are two sources of records dealing with wartime losses of World War I:

1. Totenkartei - card index of war deaths.
2. Verlustlisten  - casualty lists made with the units in the field and submitted to the next-higher commands. Printed lists of wartime losses were published at the time of WWI.

Furthermore, the Czech Military Archive is compiling an online database of Czech soldiers killed in World War I and World War II. For more information please view the ONLINE section. 

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 Totenkartei   (War Archive in Vienna, German language)

Index card - death register extract issued by the parish office in Gruschenka, Tschigirin region, Kiev district, Ukraine, giving information about about the death of Tomasch Wyglidal. He died on 19 October 1917 of tuberculosis and was buried on 20 October 1917.

 Casualty lists   (War Archive in Vienna, German language)

Casualty list published on 25 October 1917. Page 46 reports the death of Tomáš Vikydal, infantryman of the k.k. Home defense Infantry Number 25, 10th Company, Moravia, Hodonín district, Čejkovice, born 1876.

WHY were they collected? Reports about deceased or imprisoned soldiers
WHEN were they collected? 1914-1918 (years of birth 1865 - 1900)
WHO collected the records? Unit officers in the field
WHAT information can be found?

Surname, first name, unit, rank, year & place of birth, home town, as well as admission/dismissal dates to and from a military hospital, wounds, missing-in-action reports, date of death, sometimes next of kin and home address; date & place of being taken prisoner-of-war; date & place of death

In which ARCHIVES are they held?

War Archive in Vienna, Military History Archive in Prague

In which archive FILES can they be found? Kriegsverluste (VL), Kartotéky padlých z 1. sv. války
LANGUAGE of records German
AVAILABILITY Many of the index cards of war deaths have been lost. Casualty lists were published and are fully available
What must be KNOWN before getting started? The index cards are arranged by phonetic alphabet, so the name, surname, date and place of birth is sufficient
Czech expression Kartotéky padlých z 1. sv. války
German expression Totenkartei des Weltrkieges (TK), Verlustlisten der Truppenkoerper