Lists of certificates of residence issued

Every time a municipality issued a certificate of residence, the details were recorded into a special book. The entries included personal information about the individual, date the certificate was issued, and, usually, the current residence of the person. This information can be extremly helpful when tracking down an ancestor who seems to have vanished into thin air.

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 List of certificates of residence issued  (District archive Rokycany, Czech language)

Page from the List of Certificates of Residence Issued from the town of Osek.

English translation of this record

WHY were they collected?  Evidence of certificates of residence issued
WHEN were they maintained?   1849 – 1948
WHO maintained the lists? Municipal offices
WHAT information can be found? Name, age or date of birth, marital status, date & place where the Certificate of Residence was issued, current place of residence
In which ARCHIVES are they held? District archives, city archives (records from Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen and Usti nad Labem)
In which archive FILES can they be found?  Archives of towns or villages
LANGUAGE of records Czech, German
What must be KNOWN before getting started? The place where the person had the right of domicile must be known. Entries are recorded chronologically, so usually the whole book or time of interest must be searched through record by record
Czech expression Seznam vydaných domovských listů (plural = Seznamy vydaných domovských listů)