School chronicles

Like the name indicates, school chronicles contain data about history of the school and village, significant or unusual events in the life of the school, rulings concerning the education, audit of the school staff and general statistics about the students. Newer chronicles are often decorated with photographs of school, teachers and village. School chronicles had to be established during the second half of the 1800s by headmasters, who were responsible for their maintanance. Content was subject to random inspection by the higher school authorities.

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 School chronicle 1901-1937   (District of Klatovy, German language)

This is an example of a school chronicle from the German general school in Nýrsko.

WHY were they collected?  History of school, significant events, school staff, and statistics of students, sometimes photographs of school, teachers and village
WHEN were they collected?   19th century to present
WHO collected the records? School administrators
WHAT information can be found? Personal information about teachers, statistics of students
In which ARCHIVES are they held? District archives, city archives
In which archive FILES can they be found?  Archives of school offices
LANGUAGE of records Czech, German
AVAILABILITY  School chronicles from 20th century are well preserved
What must be KNOWN before getting started? School attended by ancestors
Czech expression

školní kronika (plural = školní kroniky)

Collections of records sorted on the territorial basis 

WESTERN BOHEMIA - Regional archive in Plzeň