Digital archives

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Czech Regional Archives:

1. CENTRAL BOHEMIA - Regional Archive in Prague

2. EASTERN BOHEMIA -  Regional Archive in Zámrsk

3. NORTHERN MORAVIA and SILESIA - Land Archive in Opava

4. SOUTHERN MORAVIA - Moravian Land Archive in Brno

5. SOUTHERN BOHEMIA - Regional archive in Třeboň

6. WESTERN BOHEMIA - Regional archive in Plzeň

7. NORTHERN BOHEMIA - Regional Archive in Litoměřice


Czech City Archives:

8.   PRAGUE CITY - Archive of the Capital City of Prague

9.   OSTRAVA CITY - Archive of the City of Ostrava 

10. BRNO CITY - Archive of the City of Brno

11. PLZEŇ CITY - Archive of the City of Plzeň


Czech National Archive:

CONSCRIPTIONS - Applications for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters (1850-1914)

BADATELNA - Digital records and inventory catalogues


Other Czech digital records:

KRAMERIUS - The National Library of the Czech Republic

HISTORICAL MAPS - Central archive of the Land-survey and Land register

Military history archive in Prague


Archives of neighbouring countries:

AUSTRIA, GERMANY, POLAND - Matricula - Project of digitization of parish records

GERMANY - Parish records of archdiocese of Munich and Freising

GERMANY - The Berlin Telephone and Address Directories

SLOVAKIA and AUSTRIA - Crossborderarchives - Project of digitization of archival records

AUSTRIA - friedhoefewien - Graves of Vienna

POLAND - Szukajwarchiwach- Project of digitization of parish records being held in the State Archives.

POLAND - AGAD- Parish records originating from former east Poland (now Ukraine) that were handed over to Poland by USSR after 1945.

POLAND - Tschammer Library and Archive in Cieszyn - Birth records up to 1889, marriage records up to 1892 and death records up to 1887.


Czech Records on

FAMILY SEARCH - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints